Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Future gen

My husband and I are the last batch of gen brothers are gen 2 children are gen z and the one coming soon will be into gen alpha.It's not my point to highlight on the gaps between the generations.what I concern the most is how we nurture our next generation. Yes,now I am struggling to understand and to give the best to my 2 gen z. I am looking for ways to put Allah and rasulullah on the top of their hearts (of course I make du'a along the way), I injected the elements of humanity in my kids,as well as self reliance in them.

I love this book since the advisors are Muslims and their point of views are from the perspective of Islam.
 One value that I hope tie up tide in their minds and hearts,respecting others. The easiest way to show your moral value,is from the way you shut the door especially when others are aware of it. Since I thought my children to gently doing it,they will automatically feel guilty when they mistakenly slammed it,especially the main home entrance door. It's rude.

Another easy rule is to keep clean.we don't want to be humiliated by other nations when they recognize us as rubbish minded people.
somewhere in Johore Bahru.
The back lane in Korea---moderately clean and are being utilized by the public.

Hutong or old housing area in Beijing.

Kg Morten in Malacca.

The Green Singapore.

 You are the best teacher your children ever had .

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Under 500

It's like expecting for an exam results... After enjoying the air conditioner all day long..this is the price we have to pay...
I cannot bear the heat.even my new herbs in the porch failed.Ya Allah please forgive us for all the sins we have done.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Sleep tight

My ever comfy hug pillow...
This pillow could be disassembled and later re assemble to become a breastfeeding support pillow or a baby body pillow.
this time of pregnancy I really have ample time being me with my life. I am able to experimenting the tips shared by others and every week I keep track to the baby development very closely. One of the tips for hafidz and hafidzah baby:

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cooling down

It's only 9 in the morning and I have started cooling down the room and body temperature!
The heat started last Saturday,and it has been making me feel even hotter than the estimated temperature. When this happens,I have to drink well,if not,i will find it hard with my bowel.later I will suffer from pimples around the chin area.If someone can't help drinking all day long try really works on me. Last but not least,keep on praying to Allah...May this el Nino condition brings something good to us.only He knows.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Please spread around

Never take things so easy.Never follow the trend without knowledge.It's related to your aqidah. If you one among them,stop wearing it and repent to Allah.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Good reading

It's a study week and my husband is purchasing these for my kids...
I try to pretend positive now....these readings may release the tense from my children's hard school days... Mumme tak marah...

Monday, February 15, 2016

Day dreaming.

When visiting show houses in the day is called day dreaming...hihi

Besides peeping the interior design's magazines/website/ videos/ photos on instagram, I consider visiting show houses as LIVE therapy because it's in front of my eyes!!

 Last week we were invited by Ecoworld to their new project of EcoMajestic at Semenyih.

We were over excited with their most latest 260k apartment unit which yet to be launched.But on our way back we made up our mind again and reminded again that we need an express investment for sure at this time to secure our Tabung Haji savings.
(pity us Malaysian,huh)


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