Friday, September 9, 2016

Delivered safely

 It was my another inducement procedure and epidural injection application...

As per requested before,we turned up for a monthly appointment that 7thSeptember morning.Without any doubt,I was told that I was ready for the inducement procedure.Since my guts had the feeling of the big day,we were ready with luggages and sleeping bag when being asked to checked in the ward that noon.Still,we were able to go makan at Hadramawt Restaurant that night,backed in the ward and started the process at 4am.Was given half dose of induce at 5am,received epidural injections at around 10am 8th September and alhamdulillah,Deedat was safely born at 12.17pm. 8th September 2016.

At Hadramawt Restaurant

The waiting ward before delivery.When I was transferred to the Labour Room,I was registered to another ward.
My third...Muhammad Deedat Taqwa,8.9.2016 @ 12.17pm


Gynecology:Dr Seri Suniza.She's really every ladies dream gyne I would tell.

what a relief,bertungku on the second day during the physiotherapy session prescribed by my gyne...Now I understand why my gynecologist have such a wonderful appearance.I will try my best to attend the post natal appointment with Dr Seri Suniza.What I could tell you,she appeared to be as young as 30+,even the truth is,she is just turned 50!!!

Deedat,sheep and lullabies...

Among the safe menu for my pantang confinement,sirloin steak/ beef steak.I felt so tempted with the broccoli,but I can't.

For hygienic purpose.I only woke up and shower on the second day.

Abang n kakak favorite spot.

the night view.
Baju melayu romper by aku bukan bidadari

Monday, September 5, 2016

Food pack in advance

This is my first week of confinement menu like:

Insyaallah a friend will cook for me the following week...

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Ready for confinement

At 33weeks of pregnancy, I have completed my 2 dose of Dexamethasone shots and expecting for another 2 weeks...

Like the previous one,I will have to make it earlier.
This time as the result of a large size baby.

Alhamdulillah everything was prepared accordingly and early,I do not have to worry condition now is close to bed rest...

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Before we started with the baby's corner decoration,we made both the brother and the sister happy...

Purple for kakak Nuha

Blue for abang Danish.
However the rooms decorations yet to finish,I am thinking of hanging some frames or instant wall stickers as the feature walls.But some how,I am still doubt full about drilling or doing something on the repainted wall...(it was really hard to find a painter,and for both rooms,we were charged rm1100).

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Wear and tear

After serving for 3 and 4 years...they have to make way to a new duo...But frankly speaking,they have made my new year need to shop for new bag eversince.
 No cut at all ,only a little fade as the result of harmful detergents.Value for money #Ikea Family.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Week 24

Alhamdulillah,my baby cooperates well with my fasting routines.It's really a blessed to undergo puasa during the school break.since tomorrow school will commence again,I am praying for the best,for me and the children.
another 5 minutes to go
 At the time being,I have to delay my current maternity shopping.I still have list of stuffs to I am peeping the best deal raya cookies for our house,mum's house and mother in law's house...I have seen a bottle of cookies priced at rm35 during my hunt last week.and it really made me shocked.

 anyhow,I am grateful to have this chance in my see my Deedat cradle in my womb.
another 3 months to go

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Little rock!

I love watching small house invention on YouTube this few weeks. In fact I am really in love with small house architecture since I have a feeling that it needs one to think brilliantly to successfully build one.
 After a one night stay in one of the studio unit at the Maritime Waterfront Hotel Penang,the passion grows even stronger.

Master bedroom is upstairs,kitchen and living room just the right size.

Dining area with the view of the penang straits.

Master bedroom.

The second bedroom.

Rooftop view.

The night view from the living room.

 Don't you think this one is brilliant?
4 storey micro apartment layout.


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