Saturday, February 6, 2016

Baby in my womb

Finally after 9 years,I am pregnant again.

Everyone is excited about baby now.We are like having another first baby...New stroller,new baby cot,new every thing.Yes,this is definitely ilham of Medina...Danish made dua' in Raudhah,and Allah opened up our hearts for another family member.Thank you Allah.

I could feel the difference compared to previous one, as the result of my many ages.hi hi

At the 4th week I already put on sandal.Instead of my all time favorite covered shoes.

 I also have to wait to the fourth month for my first meet with obgyn.Insyaallah Allah will ease my burden. At the time being I am peeping some clinic around for the best care possible.
 May Allah protect my baby from any harm.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

To :mummy

I was at work when a man appeared in front of the staircase,with children lining down the stairs expecting for the school van to send them home.
 He was looking for a person...
 My colleague did not pay much attention to the delivery note.I tried to help him to shockingly find that the bouquet of flowers was for me."It's my name !!!".

 That really was making me happy to tears...I married to a no romantic man but today he tried to please me ,to appreciate me in his very special way,in front of my beloved children.How I felt like a pwincess that afternoon. :)

And that weekend,we had a very pleasant Malacca trip.

 Before racing for our Al Baghdadi class in Bandar Baru Bangi that Sunday morning.

When there's a will there's a way.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Finest solution.

A few years back, I had a dream to send my children for Quran remembering program.Then my first attempt was sending them for school holiday mini tahfiz program.A month plus duration wasn't enough even for the other hands,the children felt so depressed with something they considered torture for them....

Then I kept silent and thinking for the best solution in 2 years.The first year passed by with me imagining all the possibilities. Then last year I came out with a decision,the solution .
When we were in Mecca and Madina,I prayed for THE SOLUTION every time it came across my mind.

Then I got even shocked.On our flight back,my entertainment screen was not working.I was ONLY managed to view the Islamic channel.During the 7 hours flight,I didn't really watching,but when I chose one of the available video,IT was all about my prayers...My prayers to Allah to open the way for my family to go for tahfiz class TOGETHER,to simplify the journey and to sharpen our mind and brain.

In the video,
The sheikh was preaching about the importance of learning the Quran... My tears shed at that moment. I felt that it was dedicated to me .It was.Allah drove me to watch the media.Yes ,indeed...

Then last week,I heard again about the tahfiz program on air. on Ikim.It was again a reminder for me.I got worried. Allah was supervising my very specific intention while me realizing it!!!

 At last we registered for the Nadi Al Hafiz and had our class today,and Insyaallah it will be our Sunday morning program weeks to come. 

Our first class lesson...surah at thariq.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Mecca and Medina

I am glad to show the world our holiest city,Haramain is comparable to the big cities I have visited.Modern in the ruuh of Islam...solat time means jamaah time,dunya is just your tools towards the Jannah. If you are more fortunate,always be thankful and share with the rest.Practice Ihsaan in your dailylife.Never harm others physically or/nor verbally.
Masjidil Haraam under construction

Arab Badwi settlement alongside the highway.

My son was informed that this is my favourite window frame ....gheeee

The Hijr Ismail under was built semi hemisphere to occupy the shortage of sources during the early years.until today it is remains like when someone is performing tawaf,never enter or touch it as the action will be considered faulty.It was completed in just few days.

Just too nice to be there....
From zero to hero

Our dream settlements afterlife...Baqi'

Thursday, December 31, 2015

The holiest place on earth


We are just far away from Allah's bait,but Allah for instance has never been away from us. Make a wish,pray and work for anything you want.Have a blessed years ahead.Happy New Year 2016.

Thursday, December 10, 2015


Step 1: Assembled all the books.Later classified them into Reuse or Recycle or Dispose.In my case I disposed the holy Quran verse either by erasing or burning them properly.

Step 2: The only season my recycling bin got busy...the rest,books that were able to be used again,I took to school . My kindergartens children enjoyed the copying from the whiteboard activities the most.Copying kept them busy.

Step 3: Tadaaa... I saved 9 exercise books and 4 logged books this session.

 500 sheets (1ream) uses 6% of a tree!

 Love the earth...go green .it takes only plenty of your time and energy!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Earlier dateline,2015

2015 seems to be busier with so many stories to tell,so many lessons to learn from.

Unlike before,this year I have to settle the stitching,the books purchasing,the books covering etc before the 14th December.It is going to be a shortage of almost 3 weeks.

 Oh,I have missed one more...the pressing part !

At the same time ,I am packing for our most meaningful journey...

The journey to the most holy place on earth,Insyaallah...

Ya Allah please accept me and all my prayers...