Monday, February 13, 2017

Baking barehanded

I granted Nuha's wishes for cupcakes the most unmachined way ever.I didn't even use the mixer ,I used the wooden spatula instead.
D'Rosni Cup cakes mix
Sprinkled with color.

Ended up , a little disappointed to know that our Nuha's 4c5 potluck and gotong royong were cancelled due to the falling gazebo incident.

May Allah protects all the children at SK Jln 4 from any harm.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Quick fix

A day after we had the air conditioners serviced,I discovered that the aluminum gate was already faded. I was really mad at that time,but since things was already happened,and I wasn't really kept an eye at the workers that day, this is the price I have to pay.

Then I started making calls,hoping that the gate could be repainted.Upset.I didn't get a good answer.

One day,I was staining the car wheels when the idea came into my mind.I was like going to hop on the car when realized that the gate turned like new.And to my surprise,it could stand for problem solved.               

Friday, January 20, 2017

That big

 when bloomed in my garden,

 when bloomed in my parent's garden...

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Girls Playhouse

During my child hood time ,my parents never really bought us toys.Most of the time,I enjoyed the most natural way of playing pretend or pondok-pondok.My siblings and I stayed with a babysitter family during the day.As we were in a settlement area Felda,we made use of the coconut tree trunks to build a house(tent),and plucking cassava leaves to make our "dishes".I enjoyed being so creative got around older playmates those days.

And when given opportunity to build up another playhouses at this age,I am more than happy to accomplish the mission!

I removed some of stuffs from our official home gladly...gheeee
Inspired by a show house previewed in deco magz, I worked based on the pictures

And Alhamdulillah,after about a month;

Our vacation house,Inspiring Stay is nearly completed. Find us on Airbnb and treat yourself a vacation in Putrajaya vicinity the most peaceful way...We can help with the food itinerary,shopping itinerary,attractions itinerary,name it.. ::smile::

Plus the perfect spot to view fireworks in Klang Valley.


(currently we visit Wendy's restaurant in Cyberjaya for our brunch most of the weekend)

 The infinity pool,garden,gymnasium,play area,outdoor exercise facilities.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

5 days being away

Alhamdulillah...Danish and Nuha completed the School Holidays Camp with Tahfiz Khalifah School at Bangi Guest House...

It wasn't easy in the beginning...they refused to go. But having a strict type mumme have made them both pasrah.

The little adik was so lonely being just two with mumme at Awana Kijal while ayah at work...

Over all,the program was excellent---they were introduced to tahajjud,solat taubat and repentance,dhuha ,hadith,Adab
,plus the compassionate facilitators,
the only thing that hated most by my children,---arrogant and bully like kakak and abang...(I informed the faci for the good of the other friends)

Since there were no body contact , I still consider them as an experience the children have to deal with later in their life...but in future I will be more particular about this.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Babyhood revamp

Since we made it very economical way ,the first 2 earlier one.

Then when the 2 grown ups asking..."Masa kita dulu mcm ni ke mumme",...I felt a little disappointed,but deep inside I was glad that,those were my childrens' biggest sacrifices, so that we managed to own houses.

I tried my best to be fair among my children.No one should get more than the others...No heart breaks.

Such a big help...Deedat sleeps all day long...

a little greenery

Instant shower

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Spa cation

After being burn under the sun during the school activities,my children got another scrub sessions...With the help of the towel,scrubbing made easier and the results could be seen,clearly...from a mum me her lovely children Danish and Nuha.While Deedat get introduced to the hotel room and bath tub.

 Awana Kijal from our room...
The sweetest part,
my children got opportunity to release the turtles to the open sea during the session at the beach.


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