Saturday, April 11, 2015

Kumon phenomenon

This year our family is ready for a bigger responsible and task.For the children,we are the shoulder to cry on...the burden they carry as a student this days not as joyful as ours during our toddler time.

Parents is also holding the biggest responsible to upbring the children according to Allah's will...

Our priority is always the call of Allah...

AMPAC with coach Abang Bad was the starting...After a while alhamdulillah Nuha is motivated in performing solat as required.We are very happy with her.

 After the first school test,Danish was so upset with his mathematics performance...we did providing him with exercise books earlier but it was not done systematically. The diagnostic test showed that he did not even acheived the pre school minimum skills requirements.

Kumon is all about practice...that means homewok need to be done everyday...

 Within 2 weeks,Danish and Nuha manage to understand that time is precious...they'll do their tasks whenever possible...even while expecting for mumme to fetch them the bus stop.

May Allah grant my prayers for Danish and Nuha to become a soleh and solehah professional Muslim...

Thursday, April 2, 2015

In this house

It should be read this way...

In this house,we are family,love each other,be happy everyday,laugh a lot,respect one another, use kind words,always tell the truth, say please and thank you. Keep your promise.forgive even when it's hard .Be grateful,positive ,truthful. Try to keep these house rules.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pattaya friedrice

He is the top fan of pattaya fried rice.
this is the proof...

Vote if this vid is cool or not....

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Camping with little guy and gal...

A Cowgirl meets a smart boy was setting on  the bbq pit....

reading in the dark

from the inside

good nite...kudos to this mosquito repellant...5 stars score awarded.

Good morning...

Inspiration inspire

Another visit to Ikea for another home's problem solving....

Before solving problems, we feast our eyes...

I realize that I love the grayish blue so the classic design...

Coming home to resolve our main issues; direct exposure to aircond fan ,and to dim down our dining area....


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

At grandpa's backyard....

Was travelling hometown last two weeks as we cannot afford to face the traffic jam during the CNY celebration...

Had a very pleasant smooth traffic...except for the jln duta toll.They had construction there and the traffic was so slow that time.

the hanging stars


sabah grass @ belalai gajah

Pomelo:in stead of ipoh,you can find it in Kuala nerang...

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Go for halalan toyyiba

Support,empowering our brothers and sisters in Islam economy by buying their products.

1. Roti - Gardenia (Syed Mokhtar Bukhary)
2. Minyak Masak -Tiara (FGV-FELDA)
- ALIF (Sime Darby)
3. Susu Pekat Manis - SAJI (FGV-FELDA)
- ALIF (Sime Darby)
4. Susu Cair - Saji (FGV-FELDA)
5. Mee Segera - SajiMee Saji (FGV-FELDA)
6. Beras - FAEZA
- Langsat Biru (JUARA SELERA –SG ACEH)
- Langsat Hijau (JUARA SELERA)
- Juara Selera
7. Garam – HALAGEL (garam bukit)
8. Kicap Masin/Manis - Kipas Udang
- Tamin
- ALIF (Sime Darby)
- Rohaya
- JALEN (Johor)
9. Sos Cili/Tomato/Tiram - ZUZA (Kedah)
- Rohaya
- Pelangi (FELDA)
10. Cuka Buatan - Mudim
- Rohaya
11. Tepung Gandum - FAEZA
12. Tepung Perasa/ Goreng - ADABI (tepun ayam)
- ADABI (tepung Cucur Ikan Bilis, jagung, udang)
13. Rempah Masak – ADABI, Brahim’s, FAEZA, AGROMAS, Imans
14. Kunyit – AGROMAS
15. Jagung Tin manis – ADABI
16. Pasta spaghetti – ADABI
17. Santan Paket – ALIF (Sime darby)
18. Taucu – JALEN, Tamin
19. Jus Pekat Buah2an – Tamin
20. Perasa Ros Sirap – Rohaya, Tamin
21. Mayonis -Mayo Saji (FELDA)
22. Marjerin - Pelangi Delima Oil(FELDA)
23. Sos Tomato Pelangi (FELDA)
24. Jem - Peanut SunBear (FELDA)
- Jem Strwaberry – AGROMAS
25. Kopi 3-in-1 - ADABI-Tongkat Ali Cordyceps (5-in-1)
i. -Kopi HANG TUAH (2-in1, 2-in-1)
26. Biskut Coklat - GOODKISS (Noraini's Cookies)
27. Frozen Daging Burger/ Nugget - RAMLY, NAFAS, AYAMAS
28. Sardin Agromas
29. Sardin Pertima
30. Bihun Sufi
31. Mi Kuning Sufi
32. Kuey Teow Sufi
33. Garam Sufi
34. Sos Lada Hitam Sufi
35. Sos Cili/Tomato Sufi
36. Kicap Masin/Manis Sufi
37. Tepung Goreng Sufi
38. Minyak Masak Sufi
39. Telur Cap Sufi
40. Ubat gigi Najwa
41. Ubat gigi Halagel
42. Tepung gandum Cap Bidara
43. Jus minuman Safina
44. Syampoo D'herbs
45. Bihun Kampung
46. Rempah- Imans
47. Rempah-Brahim's
48. Bihun- FAEZA
49. Jeruk Buah2an- jenama PAK ALI
50. Kedai Kasut Sukan - ALIKHSAN
51. Kuah Rojak/Garam Belacan - ZUZA, PAK ALI, FAMA
we are consumers,we have power to choose...and to avoid from being foolished by the opportunist, irresponsible conglomerate...

p/s:please be informed that Safi product comes from sing...Go for Cosmoderm instead...

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We want to raise a healthy,good Muslim feed them nutritious ,halal and barakah food...

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Life is so precious


picnic at Botanical Garden Putrajaya
FAMILY around
Danish and Nuha,the AMPACers
handicapped crocodile

Even below 0degree C...There's No reason to show annoyance by cutting lines...

live at work

one mounth at Goyang...challenge myself