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Miss you so damn much

It's not even a week but I already miss my another baby. After working so hard, it's time to get some rest when our Inspiring Stay get rented.I believe that is Allah's plan as I never advertise for rental.And the story between the tenant and I is also mind blowing.

They were couple who coming to Malaysia to enable their daughter to study at Nexus International School.I believe they have good explanation for this since the cost of study reached 80k per year.They were from Beijing and they are unable to communicate in any other languages.Yes,when we were in Beijing 2 years back,we realized that
English is not widely spoken and it's really hard to ask around for anything.we have to show an image when asking for stuff at restaurants and hotel.

I got to know them when one of the bnb owners around made a call to inform me that there's couple who keep on asking her to take them to my place."Kalau tempat awak available tolong lah datang saya suruh diorg tunggu di lo…

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