Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Green is good

Edible garden---Floria 2015

 Everyone is looking for this  special tree--- especially those with limited landed space...
I place these in bathroom for the sake of cleaner air.

Framed landscaping...Garden by the Bay.

the Riverside--- Janda Baik

plants for purification...Garden by the Bay.

our little greenish oasis

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Maid proof home

Keeping maid at home is one of our unforgettable lesson in life...may be also for someone else out there.So all this while,I had been experimenting and trying out the best practice for a Maid-proof home...

I am going to share a few tips to make your life easy without having to appoint a maid in your home...they are currently being practiced in our home.

1. Laundry system...

 I place my washer and dryer in master bedroom...so I can do my laundry anytime I wish. Plus my best ever detergent,Biosinar (not in the picture )...

thanks to the new invention and technology,a dryer is no more foe to white laudry...my children still manage to wear their white school uniform we bought 3 years ago!

No ,no cheapskate...but smart utilizing has always been  me...

 Located next to bathroom door...it is easy to organize the laundry after coming out from the dryer. They are done on the go basis.I fold or hang the laundry while waiting for my turn to go inside the bathroom or even before going to bed...

 Plus train your children to do pressing...make it a fun weekly activity...uh uh...

2. Easy sweeper.

 I prefer the irobot something home sweeper,but after discussions...Mr Boss approved this one as it is more practical and promising long lasting...(instead of irobot,I got animal...hohoho...)

 3. Kitchen helper.
 I am a big fan of kitchen gadget...they really are helpful...yes,you have to invest smartly to get the outcome. For sure,I will always do some study before purchasing anything...

 for example:

 I should have bought a washer to help me with the dishes,but since it requires a lot usage of water...Plus pre wash need to be done,so I have to forget the washer for a while....
 among my helpful kitchen helpers;

With the help of this water dispenser,every one is preparing their own hot drinks!

 Plus preparing porridge no more mess for mumme...just press the options and the porridge will be ready without need to be stirred .thanks to multi cooking mode cooker.

With the help of the magic pan,pancakes made easy,grilling made easy and less frying food for us. Believe it or not,preparing instant drumet need no oil -frying...the chicken's skin itself contains plenty of oil and fat...

 I hope this post will give a new idea or at least solutions to busy women out there...

 last but not least...

Friday, June 5, 2015


Alhamdulillah,we kicked off this 2 weeks school break with a crucial parenting knowledge from saudara Badrul Sani.

Tears dropped down without being realized knowing how fragile our children are...ok..done with it...

Among our resolutions are,spending more quality time with them ...we will disconnect to be connected...gadget control unit is now being established in our home...

As per mentioned during the Ampac Parenting Seminar, children are full of energy,but if they are being told to just sit still ,the harmful cortisol will get in their blood. The parents must channel the energy correctly..

 our all time favourite energy blowing activity ...Nature ride.

 We @ No Zealand land...
the beginning journey of understanding our pride and joy Danish and Nuha.

 another suggested activity...the skating challenge...

 (It happened to be among my dream to walk on the skate free handed...actually)

we entered the rink by clinging against the glass fence thightly...then I decided to break my horror by standing straight on my own blades to be the example to my children.
After seconds ,they started to follow me and after less than an hour...they were managed to skate from any angle easy like a breeze.

 ta daaaa

 I want my children to know that how hard,or bitter the challenges in life are,face them,encounter them,because the sweetness will follow later.mumme and ayah is there to help ,to assist,unconditionally...


Saturday, May 30, 2015

Clean and clear

After doing a cleaning and I mean it....clean and clear....pulling down the aged frames and putting on this sticker murals....

To mark the starting of school break...alhamdulillah....

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Welcome May...

I believe most ladies love May,and a plus for ladies teachers or nurses,...the day of thought for them...

I don't get flower bouquet every year,so when I received one,I would really appreciate it...

This is my mother's day surprise which melted down my heart.

From my other three quarter...hubby,son and daughter.

I want it to last as long as it could be.....

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Green fingers

I do love plants.these days I love the function of plants in cooling down our terrace house.I am working hard in realising my nature shade for the porch area....(the plants looks less healthy these days and it makes me googling for the solutions still)....

 A visit to Garden by the Bay Singapore has given me more inspiration in spite of motivation in keeping my environment green.

They function as the real trees

My Palm wonders

the desert grass

oxygen factory in a glass dome:expression of love for nature

Canopy Walk...dare to try once....
There is one halal outlet---Texas Chicken and a musolla next to it,but we decided to go to Al Amin Mosque to see how our brothers and sisters are doing in Singapore.

Tulipmania ----tulips tulips tulips


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Share your GSTless strategies

We have come to the third week ever since the starting struggle of GST. Yes I understand the real explanation for the implementation but there should be other way of doing it,getting the money from the greedy conglomerates.1 million tax payers is not much of them.The tax payers are honest people who Lhdn counted every single cents they earn.

 Back in Ohio,we experienced shoppers tax but that was not as remarkable as here...fresh milk cost us 99 cent  to 1.50 usd for the package that cost Rm 7 here,the mawai milk.even before you times 3or 3.5... �� we have to pay more for a healthy product...( my children never been given formula milk back then,we fed them fresh milk)...

Now,even the children are talking about gst...they sing the ABC D GSTsong...we never thought them to be rude but they grabbed that from school...even the school children are discussing among themselves GST as the result of pakcik canteen hike up the food price.

As a home manager,i always play big role in domestic financial planning...if we don't plan,how come Mr husband will be able to plan another vacation,when needed.

 so far,we still manage to eat outside but we pick only trusted,honest bussinessman.

Alhamdulillah there are still this kind people in our area. Our crossroad cafe...Restoran Puri is still maintaining their price...also is Nasi Ambeng stall next to proton edar section 3.out of our vincinity ,we will headed to KFC or Pizza Hut or Sate Kajang.we still are eyeing on the market and disciplined ourselves not to support the mean bussinessman.Also not to forget to carry around your water containers,as the drinks price would be enough to cover the tax amount.

Plus purchasing from Mydin..there are still good bargains to grab from.

 For the moment I will no more step into Gu***Ian.They multiple charged the consumers.the price hike plus GST is not bearable.
Royale Pharmacy at Bangi Gateway is much cheaper but they don't have enough stock to offer.

As for children education,Danish quits AMPAC soccer since the RM 60 fee has been distributed to Nuha's AMPAC and both KUMON tuition fees gst.

The day before,I read about mp's commenting about the burden of gst after he himself had to pay thousands for gst for his suffering sick child.

From us...posted from hospital ward since my son is admitted for asthma attack.

P/s:I hope my search for zero gst for phone top up will end very soon before the air time expired.it's part of my fight for the nation right.plus...thinking of quitting AS#RO since our smart tv channel offer better viewing quality plus Arirang tv is far good from offered by AS#RO.