My current task: to study 26 Ways to Stash Tax

My immediate bos aka my husband just hired me as our family tax manager... manager tu org yg buat kerja tau...

Shocked...many of the infos are new to us...take your time to check them's our right to know what we dunnot know...

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All you will need to do is to park your money in the right place. The following options are some examples.

* Save education funds in Skim Simpanan Pendidikan Nasional (maximum RM3000)
* EPF contribution and life insurance premium (maximum RM6000)
* Education plan and medical insurance premium (maximum RM3000)
* Ask your employers to reduce your monthly salary but increase your EPF contributions by the same amount
* Change "Fixed allowances" to "reimbursement" based on receipt

Below are some strategies of reducing income tax expenditure by increasing spending.

* Donation to registered and approved charities under Section 44(6) of the Income Tax Ordinance
* Take up further education or professional courses
* Buy books, journals, magazines and other publications
* Buy sports and exercise equipment
* Pay your parents' medical bills
* Do a full medical examination
* Pay Zakat (only applicable to Muslims)
* Buy a computer
* Hire a tax consultant


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