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Get them punished

Last Eid Hajj marked my one year of suffer from evil and blackmagic. 
We face all the obstacles with hope that Allah will end us in Jannah. 
Hospitals are my another hotel. Most of the prosedure I have had encountered. Ct Scan, MRI, XRay, Colonoscopy, Ear Vacuum, Slip disc physio, Laser back Physio, Ear tests,and many more...
I dont have a good dua to the sender anymore... I only pray to Allah...since I have no space to defend myself... Place me in Baqi', Ya Allah... 
To those who experience  sihr,  Be close to Allah... Be selective when choosing alternative treatment. Perawat must have certificate... You dont want to meet an undercovered bomoh the so called kiai or haji. Shamed on you.  Protect our imaan.  Go to Darussyifa and branches.

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