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Backpack eid 2018

I am jotting down this memory for my kids something to cherish one day...
And this was something really make me alive during these suffer years.Thank you Allah.I almost forgot about the illnesses when looking at your greatest creations during the trip...

KLIA-CDG,Paris-London-(by bus)-  CDG- (driving)Geneva-Alps-Milan - CDG- Abu dhabi -KLIA

Saving tips:
Start purchasing tickets early...we got ours from Mayflower during Feb...2200 +-perperson.

We took bus to&frm cdg and London.

Air bnb saves your pockets

Doona stroller is best travelling with baby buddy

Save money by taking train and busses in london.

Mummies favourite spot:Princess Diana garden.

 Our place for 5 days.muslim uncle and aunty.we celebrated eid together...we left the house after eid prayer,heading back to cdg paris to collect a rental car.

 Alps during summer.when in winter,everything will be covered with snow...

 Air bnb in Alps,italy side.then we continue our journey to Milan by crossing the Mont Blanc tunnel…

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