The must know for all parents....common carelessness or mistakes on the part of parents

Among the common carelessness or mistakes on the part of parents include:

1. Not enough prayers or supplication during pregnancy and while raising a child. Many supplications can be used such as the Saidul Istighfar, asking for blessing, asking for good lineage and so on.

2. Providing tarhib (repelling or scary) instead of targhib (enjoining or motivational) education. Normally parents take the easy way out by frightening their children with something scary so that children will listen to what they’re told. Among things that are tarhib used by parents include scaring children with the idea of ghosts, poisonous animals and so on.

3. Not strict in raising children, or in other words, not instilling discipline in children with regards to the rules of religion, especially salat and aurat (compulsory covering of parts of one’s body).

4. Admonishing children using harsh words and humiliating them. Such behavior must be avoided because the words uttered by parents become prayers or supplications for their children.

5. Not providing balanced education in terms of physical, spiritual and intellectual education.

6. Not enough physical contact with children, especially when spending quality time with them, due to parent’s hectic work schedule.

7. Inappropriate attire in front of children. Although parents and their children are related by blood, it is important to observe dressing ethics and maintain the aurats between parents and their children.

8. A family institution in disharmony contributes to an unstable personality in the children.

9. Not monitoring children’s activities. Parents not taking notice of what their children do outside the home, the kinds of shows they watch on television and so on.

10. Passing on the responsibility of raising their children to housemaids when in fact, parents themselves have been tasked by Allah Almighty to take care, raise and educate their children.



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