Saper nak menjadi lebih kreatif?

Pemandangan dr salah satu cerun waterfall tertinggi,Niagara Fall...ramai org terlebih kreatif mencuba menjadi kreatif dgn pelbagai gadget utk menuruni cerun ni...ada yg berjy dan ramai jugak yg terkorban.Tapi dah berjaya pun tetap kena denda sbb disobey laws...
Kidding Around (Psychology Today:July 2010)

Michael Robinson of NDSU suggests ways to boost creativity:
  • Why so serious? View yourself in a more light-hearted fashion, perhaps by thinking of your odd (but not ego-threatening) quirks.
  • Boxed in Adults develop habits that narrow the range of what they think is possible. Do something spontaneous, preferably every day.
  • Taskmaster Grownups treat errands as problems to be solved in a logical manner. Appreciate tasks as opportunities for exploration, not boring duties.
  • Smelling the roses Being present and living in the moment gives you the opportunity to appreciate fun when it occurs.
  • Passing the time Free time is free time. Don't fill every moment with chores.

mumme buh gambaq ni saiz medium jer...takut ramai yg TERGEZUT...


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