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mari kita menyelami perasaan ibu bapa kedua-dua belah keluarga (walaupun ini masalah dlm keluarga barat...mumme rasa ada juga antara kita yang alaminya...atau masalahnya the other way round... :) berebut nak bersalin kat mana)...semoga saling memahami sesama kita...antara anak2 dan ibu bapa...agar aman dunia...sebagai ibu bapa juga janganlah hanya memikirkan diri sendiri...berilah ruang pada anak2 dengan kehidupan mereka...selagi mereka menghubungi,melawat anda...sebagai anak pula,cuba berdikari mana yang termampu...juga jangan dibesarkan perkara yang remeh...bersyukurlah...(mumme sangat bersyukur sbb mak dan ayah sentiasa membantu mana yang mereka mampu walau jauh di utara,sanggup naik bas dtg ke bangi...itulah rahmat paling besar buat mumme)

Are my daughter-in-laws parents selfish.?

My daughter-in-law was due to have a baby by c-section. They already have a two year old son.

Her parents have a villa in Spain and decided to book a flight even though they knew the baby was due within the next 7/10 days. My son asked them why they could not leave it until after the baby was born but was told they needed a break, even though they spend 6 months of the year in Spain.

A c-section as you know is a major operation and also with a 2 years old little boy they would have needed as much help as possible whilst my son was at the hospital, of course I was there to help out but felt so sorry for my daughter-in-law as she could not understand why her mother and father could not be bothered to be with her to help them out when she was going to have major surgery.

Four weeks later they are now home again and I feel like completely ignoring them, they are the most two self centred people I have ever met and their saying is, 'we have been there, done that now it's your turn, we have our lives to live'.

My son is beside himself with anger and is afraid to say anything because it will upset his wife.
Luckily, with them being out of the country so much we don't have much contact with them so it is not so bad for us.

What do you all think, are the parents right or is it just me and my son and daughter-in-law that are making mountains out of molehills. 


Your son's presence was really the most important by far. Looking back on the births of my children, I don't think I would have given it much thought if my parents planned a trip. I think you are feeding too much into this and making this a bigger issue than needed. Try to diffuse instead of helping to build the fire.

Some grandparents priorities are not grandkids first. They didn't choose to have this baby, your son and daughter-in-law did, so everyone needs to stop making them accountable for your son and daughter-in-law's happiness. Try to look at this another way, YOU will be top dog when it comes to those grandkids. Sure, they are missing out, but it's their choice.


  1. hehe susah nak cakap, belum ada pengalaman lagi, tapi dua2 pendapat ni boleh dijadikan panduan...

  2. harap mumme dan suami menjadikan pengalaman perasaan seorang anak yg dirasai sekarang sbg sempadan utk menghadapi situasi ms depan,ketika anak2 menjadi pd situasi mumme sekarang...jurang usia,zaman dan pengalaman dpt dikurangkan harapnya,ummiross...


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