Lessons to be learned from

....it will be our another reminder to not simply try something new and to take more precautions over anything next time...and this time it's all about car service center...

in future must make sure the center fill up and present at the first place the car condition forms...the one indicates any dents or scratches detected on the car right before any work is done...

the price we have to pay is time and effort (n penat lelah...)...lucky it was just a minor one...and we take it as ''not our rezeki''...

That's just one chapter of the whole story...

Another chapter: I think is the most important of all...an intensive revision for my dream post interview...(please send me some good dua'---currently I am hoping that the du'a made by my hope-full parents...plus my student's dua' at Mecca will be realised..plus dua from beloved friends and beloved ones)

He he...Mumme is also learning something new to me...Mandarin (every weekend)...hopefully I will learn very fast and manage to converse as soon as possible...


Nuha will as well join the kids class...the mummy will of course join adult's one :)

p/s:not to be forgotten ...the planned soul input classes...please share if there any around...will be loitering around starts from Wednesday... :)
see you when i see you...


  1. All the best to you and Nuha :-)

  2. teringat time belajar dulu 3rd language compulsary kene choose either mandarin or arab saya pilih mandarin mula mula senang bila makin menginjak level oommakkk susah gak tp interesting....goood luck and all the best nuha :))

    1. tenkiu fauzuskamaruddin...mmg mumme sedang mencabar diri mumme sendiri utk belajar mandarin ni...bolehlah bertumpang tanya nanti yek...

  3. i also take mandarin class masa buat dip dulu. still ingat yang senang2 =) suka belajar bahasa asing ni

    1. tulah kan lynn...mumme suka juga...boleh faham sikit2 org sdg cakap apa...

  4. My car was in bengkel rite now. Sad2 story.
    My mum &dad also at mecca.

    Hopping their doa diterima Allah.

    Tk blajar mandarin langsung walaupun almost my fren at office is chinese. But my bro in law not at beijing taking kesusarteraan & bahagsa cina.

    1. semoga doa kita semua di perkenankan Allah,Cinta Misteri...
      wah,salute...hebat tu...

  5. Good luck MumMe, bila interview tu, ummi doakan Allah makbulkan cita-cita MumMe.
    Ummi dulu masa di Kuching belajar bahasa Arab, masa pergi Mekah baru ni boleh juga communicate skit2, seronok. Mandarin pun best juga ni.
    Nanti kita join pencarian rohani pulak ye..

  6. Thanks Ummiross...22 Oktober ni...sdg sediakan resume dan susun sijil,baca dan menghafal sikit2...
    Itulah,mumme search2...x jumpa lagi kelas khas utk wanita...ada kuliah pg sabtu ummiross...di masjid hasanah free2 boleh join...


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