DIY---do it yourself

after several visits to Subway,
and the kids keep on asking for another footlong...
we tried to prepare one...

maybe not to be compared to the real subway sandwiches...

we recognise it as subway (by rite to be called sandwich)

yes we can do it,yes we can....(practice makes perfect)

RnD: (preparing the meat sandwich)
marinate the meat---black and pepper sauce,etc
baking the meat to search for the perfect technique
sauces----searching for sweet onion sauce
bread loaf---grill for a while before served

lets enjoy a healthy it yourself...


  1. Waa MumMe..dah pandai buat sandwich ala-ala subway gitu,mesti sedap tu.Ummi ni tak pernah lagi singgah subway..

  2. masa di us dulu terliur ummiross tengok sandwich subway...itu yg try...dan tergoda satu family...lalu je sect 15 mesti anak2 hint2 subway...

  3. Saya pun suka sandwich subway..healthy..Elok juga R n D buat sendiri, good luck.



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