lie very... :)

Mumme and Nuha were at the library this morning.
We were both very excited with the new improvements...
now the library looks more alive...
with activities,
especially to attract the little ones...

we took part in the colouring activities...
She passed the paper to the librarian,was given an orange pen---stood still---she actually was thinking... how to say>>>could i have the purple/pink one please....<<>>


  1. pandainya MumMe spend masa dengan anak-anak.
    Cantik tu, nuha yang kaler ye?
    hehe..Nuha suka pink purple ye, kesian dia terkedu tak tau nak cakap nak yang pink purple tu.

  2. sementara tunggu Danish habis AMPAC,lepak2 di library...sambil tolong nuha kaler :D
    last week di presint 8,ummiross...
    saja mumme nak tgk akal dia... :)

  3. gud girls...baru betul lynn.. hiksssss


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