may your dreams come true

Danish keep on blinking us...reminding us about the 20% entrance discount token that he had been collecting these few weeks...the one he got from the mineral water bottle he bought at school.
The first experience might be so sweet and inspiring for that he is asking for another attempt to his ambitious journey of life...

Please count me in:the mumme also enjoy the visit sooooo much.The 4 of us devided into 2 groups and had our boys'day out and a girls'day out... 

Made their own lunch

At work...and earned money...

and now?spending out all the money?
they had become the pump attendant,car racer,band member, fireman,technician,pilot,teacher,cook,artist,doctor and many more in just one day...about a year ago..
We (?), Kidzania....


  1. Kidzania..ramai yang bawa anak-anak ke sini, memang nampak seronok aktiviti yang disediakan. Ummiross takde lagi anak2 kecil, nampaknya tak berpeluang lah nak masuk ke sini.
    Harap cepat tertunai impian Danish kali ini, sekali lagi.

  2. nanti cuti sekolah ummiross boleh ajak anak2 sedara ummi ke sini pulak... ummiross tunggu semua siap main di kafe ajer...hiksss.
    tu lah ummiross...mumme pun harap begitu jg...


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