Free stay

en husband has always been very reserve when it comes to his experience going outstation---especially to the countries/places we never have been to together.he really go for work as his heart is always this time he make us surprise without any cost---redeemed his membership points---a not so far destinations but one with a really big in meaning....

at Istana Negara
 visited National Museum, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and then checked in and rest to the fullest until the dinner heart was so trembling with the My Heart Will Go On presentation at the KLCC park---at around 8.45pm---i'll always remember this---


  1. Salam rindu-rinduan MumMe....

    Nampak cosy dan cantik hotel tu MumMe,hotel mana tu?
    Dapat jalan2 dan berehat2 dengan family kat hotel sekali-sekala memang best,walaupun dekat tak kisah kan.
    Ada souvenir untuk MumMe, nanti ada masa ummi unjuk kejap ye.

  2. wslm...salam rindu sgt kat ummiross...
    Double Tree Jln Tun Razak,ummi.
    seronoknya,Ummiross...silalah singgah ummiross...rindu sgt nak jumpa ummi.


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