Badly sick

I can't avoid it even I am (i think) the most fussy mummy when it comes to food being brought home....
The steam bun was given by a friend...I had it with my son but the most portion went inside my stomach...
after about half an hour having the curry steam bun;I was rushing to the toilet...before headed to KLIA.

With Allah's help,I managed to be fit enough to drive home,finishing my duties that Friday evening,before coming home with a very high temperature fever...

Again Allah help me,without being told, my Nuha applied her playtime cubes...she covered the cubes with tissues and placed them on my forehead...while massaging my legs... 

Now after nearly 2 biggest hope is that I will be fully recovered as the children are relying on me before ayah comes home...


  1. Semoga segera sembuh sepenuhnya. ..

  2. MumMe, keracunan makanan ye, harap MumMe dah ok, harap cepat sembuh sepenuhnya.Nuha dah boleh diharap jaga Mummy nya, rasa macam cute je bila bayangkan Nuha jaga MumMe, siap letak ais dan urut lagi.
    Take care ye MumMe..

    1. begitulah nampaknya td buat blood test,bukan adik belikan durian buat ubat low blood pressure.perut semakin kurang dah memulasnya.
      itulah waktu tu terasa sejuk sekejap perut bak kata org sejuk perut ibu mengandungkan...

  3. Salam MumMe...dah sihat ke? Harap2 semuanya dah ok.

  4. wslm ummiross...alhamdulillah dah sihat.thanks for your thought.


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