Product discontinue

Found out  from st. ives fb that this product has gone discontinued

After using this product for 3 years,
(I only tried this after we back here for good---I used Clinique,during our stay in US,as they always offer best price with small lovely gifts---in fact cost me less than buying cleanser like St.Ives and Olay...u better believe me :) hiks)
I can't believe that I have to go tru the maze all over again...
It took me sometimes,
After trial by trial,
I googled for sometimesfrom many sources,
many suggested/recommended Olay...
Alhamdulillah now I have found the substitute to my previous product.

Besides,this difficulties has also changed me...
now I love and cannot live without applying my skin vit e moisturizer/pitera avoid the dry skin feeling.


  1. MumMe..murah ye Clinique kat US?.
    Ummi pun ada guna product Olay, dah banyak tahun pakai Olay Total Effect 7in one Day Cream,rasa macam sesuai pulak dengan kulit ummi.
    Tapi kalau malam pakai de la Mer..hehehe, yang ni kena jimat cermat, alah membeli menang memakai,dah OTAI ni kena jaga lebih sikit, kalau tidak kulit kering je.

  2. murah ummiross...siap dgn hadiah2 lagi...
    oh,kalau day cream dia bagus,boleh la mumme try.
    aah,mumme baru google...product uk yer ummiross?
    harganya jangan kali 6...patutlah ummiross menten jerr...


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