Share your GSTless strategies

We have come to the third week ever since the starting struggle of GST. Yes I understand the real explanation for the implementation but there should be other way of doing it,getting the money from the greedy conglomerates.1 million tax payers is not much of them.The tax payers are honest people who Lhdn counted every single cents they earn.

 Back in Ohio,we experienced shoppers tax but that was not as remarkable as here...fresh milk cost us 99 cent  to 1.50 usd for the package that cost Rm 7 here,the mawai milk.even before you times 3or 3.5... 😱 we have to pay more for a healthy product...( my children never been given formula milk back then,we fed them fresh milk)...

Now,even the children are talking about gst...they sing the ABC D GSTsong...we never thought them to be rude but they grabbed that from school...even the school children are discussing among themselves GST as the result of pakcik canteen hike up the food price.

As a home manager,i always play big role in domestic financial planning...if we don't plan,how come Mr husband will be able to plan another vacation,when needed.

 so far,we still manage to eat outside but we pick only trusted,honest bussinessman.

Alhamdulillah there are still this kind people in our area. Our crossroad cafe...Restoran Puri is still maintaining their price...also is Nasi Ambeng stall next to proton edar section 3.out of our vincinity ,we will headed to KFC or Pizza Hut or Sate Kajang.we still are eyeing on the market and disciplined ourselves not to support the mean bussinessman.Also not to forget to carry around your water containers,as the drinks price would be enough to cover the tax amount.

Plus purchasing from Mydin..there are still good bargains to grab from.

 For the moment I will no more step into Gu***Ian.They multiple charged the consumers.the price hike plus GST is not bearable.
Royale Pharmacy at Bangi Gateway is much cheaper but they don't have enough stock to offer.

As for children education,Danish quits AMPAC soccer since the RM 60 fee has been distributed to Nuha's AMPAC and both KUMON tuition fees gst.

The day before,I read about mp's commenting about the burden of gst after he himself had to pay thousands for gst for his suffering sick child.

From us...posted from hospital ward since my son is admitted for asthma attack.

P/s:I hope my search for zero gst for phone top up will end very soon before the air time's part of my fight for the nation of quitting AS#RO since our smart tv channel offer better viewing quality plus Arirang tv is far good from offered by AS#RO.



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