Alhamdulillah,we kicked off this 2 weeks school break with a crucial parenting knowledge from saudara Badrul Sani.

Tears dropped down without being realized knowing how fragile our children are...ok..done with it...

Among our resolutions are,spending more quality time with them ...we will disconnect to be connected...gadget control unit is now being established in our home...

As per mentioned during the Ampac Parenting Seminar, children are full of energy,but if they are being told to just sit still ,the harmful cortisol will get in their blood. The parents must channel the energy correctly..

 our all time favourite energy blowing activity ...Nature ride.

 We @ No Zealand land...
the beginning journey of understanding our pride and joy Danish and Nuha.

 another suggested activity...the skating challenge...

 (It happened to be among my dream to walk on the skate free handed...actually)

we entered the rink by clinging against the glass fence thightly...then I decided to break my horror by standing straight on my own blades to be the example to my children.
After seconds ,they started to follow me and after less than an hour...they were managed to skate from any angle easy like a breeze.

 ta daaaa

 I want my children to know that how hard,or bitter the challenges in life are,face them,encounter them,because the sweetness will follow later.mumme and ayah is there to help ,to assist,unconditionally...



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