Babyhood revamp

Since we made it very economical way ,the first 2 earlier one.

Then when the 2 grown ups asking..."Masa kita dulu mcm ni ke mumme",...I felt a little disappointed,but deep inside I was glad that,those were my childrens' biggest sacrifices, so that we managed to own houses.

I tried my best to be fair among my children.No one should get more than the others...No heart breaks.

Such a big help...Deedat sleeps all day long...

a little greenery

Instant shower


  1. U masih kat oversea lg ke Mumme?. Nampak view luar tingkap tu mcm kat US je (mcm la I pernah pegi US kan?. Haha..). Just asking.

  2. Dah back for good since 2011...


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