5 days being away

Alhamdulillah...Danish and Nuha completed the School Holidays Camp with Tahfiz Khalifah School at Bangi Guest House...

It wasn't easy in the beginning...they refused to go. But having a strict type mumme have made them both pasrah.

The little adik was so lonely being just two with mumme at Awana Kijal while ayah at work...

Over all,the program was excellent---they were introduced to tahajjud,solat taubat and repentance,dhuha ,hadith,Adab
,plus the compassionate facilitators,
the only thing that hated most by my children,---arrogant and bully like kakak and abang...(I informed the faci for the good of the other friends)

Since there were no body contact , I still consider them as an experience the children have to deal with later in their life...but in future I will be more particular about this.


  1. Alhamdulillah.. dan syabas MumMe..
    Moga mereka jadi anak yg soleh.

  2. Cuti sekolah yang best ever tuk danish dan nuha, moga depa belajar sesuatu..

  3. Ameen...Tq Sam.

    Insyaallah Aima.


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