Super easy makeover

Another finding brings another makeover.This time around,a peek at Mr DIY brought us to another simple stuff restorations.

An as-is tallboy /drawer bought in 2007
 The chipboard was super sensitive to water,even from the condensed iced juice.So it turned to look like above.

After being fixed with self adhesive wallpaper that looks similar,it has become so good to look at.

Another projects accomplished:
 wall stickers projects

Installing wallpaper from remnants.
Wallpapers that hide and prevent thumbprint around switch panel area. The drawer needs a makeover soon.LOL


  1. Wow!. The sticker project look so amazing!. Simple but creative!. Mumme.. why u don't share this last month?. I was spend a month decorating my lil hero's room but still look terrible. haha..

  2. Sam...project bilik my son just accomplished 3 hari lepas...kennot help earlier than that.before that project terbengkalai berbulan2...hahaha

  3. Nice! that will surely prevent from any wild thumbprints haha and you've got a very nice "furry" chair there (is it how they call that kind of chair? haha)

  4. Boleyh sgt Syed.wallpaper tu glossy some more...shining effect pun nmpk...suka mumme.furry tu some kind mini carpet/rug cenggitu so boleh letak kt kerusi ke,sofa ke,katil ke...

  5. Assalamualaikum MumMe,

    Cantik...rajin and "projects" normally dalam kepala...action verrryyyyyy slow...hahahaha...


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