School break is over

Now back to normal routines; wake up - driving for school - silent hours with Deedat - house task - Inspiring Stay - fetch the duos - night tuition send and fetch....

And waiting for Saturday ,Sunday...

All less hectic days since jobs are done together.
And we can plan another short vacation -non peak hours getaway-nearby holiday.We always avoid going for local vacation-central and southern  peninsula- during the school holidays or public holidays.The crowds are not acceptable,I would tell. terrible.

 Teluk Cempedak,20 March 2017 :

 @RW Kijal 20-22 March

 Last February day trip to Malacca- Pantai Kelebang
 this GPS made us driving on the sea surface...please update... Hihi
 please be ready soon---a new attraction---filming studio or something...
 Submarine museum at pantai kelebang.

The most of the time short vacay --- after done with family do it all together - after guest check out house keeping tasks ---

Have a productive week ahead...


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