Thank you

It was extremely tiresome yesterday
My baby had high fever the night before..
My eldest was busy with his UPSR preparation plus his foot ball stuff
My only lady princess was fancy with her newly bought kinetic sand stuff but still available when called,
I was nagging around. (please imagine it the nicer way a mummy used to nag...Heh)
And was wishing for an instant solutions to all these...magical to happen...

True enough behind every hardship there will be happiness...My other half sent some magic spell from a distance...

Those three words cheered me up ...That night...I sent the kids to extra classes,filled up my mommy's taxi tank,bought nuha her maths work books and Danish his exam grade pencils, without complaining.ghee...

 #now Danish and Nuha will no more be able to find their stuff--football and kinetic sand...pity petty


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