Hasbunallah wa nikmal wakil

Yes...i mean it... Tears running down when i say this,coz i really mean it.

After guggling around for years, people with this kind of problem,

Alhamdulillah...I came across family who has experience my situation for more than 10 years... and this kind of illness really deserve patience...yes patience.

Deep inside,i pray,cry for Allah's Miracle.
I am going tru these alone, it sounds impossible to win this war over syaitan...but Allah is my only hope.i believe i wouldnt go this far if not because of Allah. I would already became mad or crazy or paralyzed or seizured or you just name it...but Allah protected me... Lately,my dua always is...Allah,hug me so that nothing would harm me...and my husband and my beloved kids,so no one could do bad thing to them.

Dr Maza: Tanda Allah sayang



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