MRT trips

From now on, going to KL will no more be a fuss for us. Even if it's just me and Deedat, there'll be no fear to travel within the MRT route.

Our first ride we stopped at Pusat Bandar Damansara.Out and back in the coach as we were running out of time to hand over the Inspiring Stay key to our immediate guest.

We did the second MRT family trip Kajang Station-Bukit Bintang successfully.Out of the coach,selecting the D exit -an exit with a lift (not all exit provides the lift) since we were pushing Deedat in his multipurpose stroller -heading for the original Nasi Arab around the vicinity of Starhill (heheh).
The feeling was just like the one we did in Korea.At the Gangnam Station.Out of the train looking for Halal Nasi Briyani those day...

And the best part...I met many new friends along the MRT rides. I made friends with some middle aged Chinese ladies and they were really warm and friendly.They traveled with families,one from Damansara and another from Cheras and stopped for Samuri Sate Kajang breakfast and lunch.That sounds interesting isn't it...And one is a volunteer at Soup Kitchen...a humanitarian always be one...and you enjoy the companionship.
I also witnessed families traveling with special occupational members...and they really open up my mind--- savour your life time with your loved one.let your family shows their affection and enjoy the day...

P/s:this post has no connection with the country rulers.the MRT was part of the taxpayers contribution.this is our new Vellfire with a driver... :)


  1. I hope on one of these days,when I am in KL my girls would take me on a ride on the MRT. To Kajang to indulge on Satay Samuri. Our country has progreesed in leaps and bounds in certain sectors. But in some... there's so much to be done.

  2. Sure they will.betul...we the people still in learning process...bila pg tempat org, kita harap kita akan maju mcm depa...salam kenal mokjade. I enjoy reading your posts.


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