Memory,Luck and Hope

Our unrealized Mt. Fuji mission...
Was substitute with a fun and unforgettable snow resort experience at SnowWorld, i-City...I recognized it as luck as the journey and the experience was so smooth and amazing...the area was so deserted and clear that Wednesday.
the soooo happy children plus the mumme...our trip when ayah was at work...

He and the sister went on that sled for about 5 times...mumme did it once...hiks

Then suddenly this group of people made us save a dream of Japan again...they were from Nagano Snow Resort...during their road tour at the Bangi Gateway...

it was the photographer error:I should not snap the leg part... :)

the real green tea...


  1. I city pun xsempat masuk lagi ni.. huhu..

    1. Weekdays sgt best sbb tak ramai orang...worth it sgt...

  2. Salam rindu juga MumMe..
    Seronoknya sekeluarga di i city, Nuha dengan Danish mesti happy sangat tu

    1. kami ber3 happy sgt hr tu, ummiross...


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