the 17th surah

This time around,my heart trembled so badly when listening to the current news of Palestine.

only mad guy will bomb the hospital...

We (anyone who has common sense)must not able to accept the liars who are denying  their roles in this big massacre.If they yet to know about how tiny they are to the creator, Allah. I believed, they should be listening to this and go deeply into the translation...I hope their heart manage not to deny this video...

Allah as the creator,knows everything...that's why we refer and seek for guidance from this Holy Quran... the Past, Current and Future events were told in the Quran...


  1. subhanallah...hanya airmata dan doa mengiringi hari di setiap beritamu palestin...moga allah memberi ganjaran setimpal buat semua....

    1. amiiin...hidup mereka utk ke syurga...

  2. Saya pun rasa dh xsanggup nak scroll fb tgk mangsa kekejaman zionis israel. :'(

  3. sedih tengok kesengsaraan hidup palestin semoga Allah memberi jalan untuk mereka palestin.
    Zionis memang kejam takde perasaan langsung.

  4. Kali ini makin ramai yg turut merasai kesengsaraan mereka...saudara Muslim kita


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