Tips from friends

I am so relief today as I don't have to start the car engine and head to the grocery shop to just buy a few pieces of screwpine leaves /pandan to prepare my children's favourite green beans sweet desert/bubur kacang hijau.

Thanks to my dear friend's golden tips...that saved my energy and penny...

kaffir leaves,screwpine leaves,curry leaves,laksa leaves/vietnamese leaves,among my frozen compartment stuffs.
I stored all my leaves essential (that i picked from my father's backyard)
in the frozen compartment...

Share yours too...spread the knowledge...enjoy the pahala/reward...


  1. ooo...screwpine leave tu daun pandan...haha

  2. masih nampak segar daun-daun tu.
    Terima kasih MumMe..sharing is caring...

    1. same2 ummiross...sama2 sampaikan yg baik... :)


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