Because You love me

We feel so blessed to be Muslim...
Those hardship that Allah sent over is His way to cherish your life,
is His way to push you further,and is
His way to make us a better Muslim today compared to yesterday. 

Living by Allah's Name Al Qareeb
- By knowing that Allah is near us make us aware of Allah's presence. He is closer to us than our jugular vein.
- We should feel His presence and converse with Him. We should make du'a to Him to keep our intentions pure and our deeds upright.
- We should be constantly aware of Allah and consider Him in all of our actions.
- Our intentions should be purely for Allah as Allah is near and knows our thoughts and intentions.
- We don't require any intermediaries, we can seek help directly from Al Qareeb who is most near to us.All our worships and du'a as should be made directly to Him.
- We can come close to Al Qareeb by performing good deeds and obeying Him.
- Knowing that Allah is near us,make us realize we are not alone in any situation.He is close to us and always ready to help us.
All we need to do is ask.
- Doesn't this name give us a sense of hope and contentment in the heart?Our love for Him should increase by knowing that Allah will never abandon us and will always be close to us.Subhan Allah.

p/s:then, just make prayers to Allah when dealing with problems/hard times...
totally no to dealing with jiin or want to play fool with them when you know that they are really good in that?...


  1. Salam rindu MumMe...

    Menarik perkongsian MumMe ni, Allah sentiasa dekat kan, bila fikirkan begini, tenang rasa hati.

    1. Rindu betul sama Ummiross...
      semoga ada di antara kita yg lebih tenang selepas membaca perkongsian ni,ummi...

  2. info amat bermanfaat mumme.....


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