We were rushed to hospital on a peaceful weekend noon....Nuha's temperature jumped high again and rashes appeared all over her body...for the first time in my life I witnessed a child being showered on a bed. Without doubt,I made the hospital staffs to admit my daughter.for her own good.

After doses of antibiotics,the rashes went away. The blood test result released and nuha's free from dengue.

She suffered from Tonsilitis.get infected and got sick.

 Alhamdulillah,she is now my husband and I,we are considering the tonsil removal operation for her....should we proceed? May Allah show us the right desicion.

Love notes


  1. keciannya kecik2 dah kena untie pernah juga menghidap tonsil lepas operation alhamdulilah sihat.

    mudah2an cepat sembuh..AMIN

    1. thanks Bieaz...alhamdulillah dah ke sekolah dah dia...

    2. olos kesian nuha ...hope everything just fine


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