Math final year exam

I came across this calculator right before the mathematics exam...the rest of the kids was also telling me that they had a look at the gadget just before they reach the the school van....
 The teachers had a big laugh....the children might have arranged a strategy to score in their mathematics paper.
 yes...teacher admit: that this year paper is really tough, dear....


  1. MumMe...salam rindu, rindu, rindu..

    Hihi..anak2 kecil pun ada strategi juga kan..

  2. Rindu sgt...lama ummi mengembara... Smua nk score...

  3. mama aqil, rafique n auniJanuary 22, 2015 at 2:36 PM

    exam sekolah bole guna calculator ke? tertinggal keretapi jap..

  4. Sempua,calculator smua x leh..


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