Packing for freezing winter

Lessons learned from 2013 winter vacation....
 consider extra pile of food stock....5 days in Tokyo and not manage to find the halal restaurant was a nightmare.8 days in Seoul should be better I hope.some attractions might not serve halal food though.Back then we had to find seven eleven to grab bananas as snack....the cooler it was,the hungrier we were.

this year additional:warm bags...
Back then,my children suffered from dry lips without the I experienced the worst foot pain ever as the result of walking long distance in uncomfortable shoes.lucky the idea of
applying yoko yoKo worked out.things like warm bags should be cheaper in I just prepare  for the arrival day to be safe.
enough and extra gloves and caps especially for children.they might left them out somewhere on the way to your destinations.
4)comfort able shoes.I wore the same shoes I wore in NY somewhere in 2010 but it didn't I have to sacrifice the look this vacation by wearing the sport shoes.
Hehe,among my shopping list in Seoul is comfortable boots.Some Malaysians bloggers blogged about boots best deal in Dondaemun.

My packing tasks is yet o complete..

The Outcome today:Our first luggage before weighing...


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