Do it myself

Maybe this post can be relate to our current issue,the highly price of vegetables...

But on the other hand,this would be the solutions to my difficulties dealing with beans sprout all this while...

Most of the time, I bought beansprouts,kept them for a few days and ended up ;threw it away. ..

If this experiment success then I can produce beansprout on my own...

the idea popped up after we carried this small scale experiment in classroom
 Day 4:

Maybe I have to stick with cotton instead of kitchen tissue...
I thought of using kitchen tissue so that will lessen the burden to clean the cotton before cooking them... Hiksss

*I have to repeat the experiment...experiment turn out less successful....


  1. mama aqil, rafique n auniJanuary 22, 2015 at 2:25 PM

    assalamualaikum nurul n family, apa khabar? weh skema ayat ... lama tak ctc hang...mak ayah sihat? kami sini semua sihat dan bertmbh sihat..i would like to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY..even lmbt kan..rasa mcm hang tak bukak facebook dah...bila nak jln2 mai glasgow pulak..tiket MAS tgh murah..mai la sini jln2..nnti aku rajn2 jengah sini..

  2. Waalaikumussalam...Khabar baik...Kalau ikutkan hati Mmg dh tersedia senarai cuti sekolah,cuma encik suami je x free...hjg tahun je la dpt g mn2 sbb dia nk abiskan cuti... Setelah bermimpi2 bertahun2,harapnya termakbul hajat umrah dgn family farid hujung 2015...thanks atas ingatan...

    1. mama aqil, rafique n auniJanuary 24, 2015 at 12:09 AM

      Ye ke..kami pun thn dpn insyaALLAH balik msia..either awal thn or hjg thn...doakan kami sama yek nnti..

  3. Welcome back...insyaallah...sama sama kita doakan kesejahteraan semua.panjang umur jumpa lagi....maaf salah Dan silap.


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