Finest solution.

A few years back, I had a dream to send my children for Quran remembering program.Then my first attempt was sending them for school holiday mini tahfiz program.A month plus duration wasn't enough even for the other hands,the children felt so depressed with something they considered torture for them....

Then I kept silent and thinking for the best solution in 2 years.The first year passed by with me imagining all the possibilities. Then last year I came out with a decision,the solution .
When we were in Mecca and Madina,I prayed for THE SOLUTION every time it came across my mind.

Then I got even shocked.On our flight back,my entertainment screen was not working.I was ONLY managed to view the Islamic channel.During the 7 hours flight,I didn't really watching,but when I chose one of the available video,IT was all about my prayers...My prayers to Allah to open the way for my family to go for tahfiz class TOGETHER,to simplify the journey and to sharpen our mind and brain.

In the video,
The sheikh was preaching about the importance of learning the Quran... My tears shed at that moment. I felt that it was dedicated to me .It was.Allah drove me to watch the media.Yes ,indeed...

Then last week,I heard again about the tahfiz program on air. on Ikim.It was again a reminder for me.I got worried. Allah was supervising my very specific intention while me realizing it!!!

 At last we registered for the Nadi Al Hafiz and had our class today,and Insyaallah it will be our Sunday morning program weeks to come. 

Our first class lesson...surah at thariq.


  1. Happy birthday nurul. Semoga diberikan kesihatan yg baik dan dimurahkan rezeki

    Lots of love,
    Mama aqil n family

  2. Thanks Ajan...Dah balik Malaysia ke?


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