Mecca and Medina

I am glad to show the world our holiest city,Haramain is comparable to the big cities I have visited.Modern in the ruuh of Islam...solat time means jamaah time,dunya is just your tools towards the Jannah. If you are more fortunate,always be thankful and share with the rest.Practice Ihsaan in your dailylife.Never harm others physically or/nor verbally.
Masjidil Haraam under construction

Arab Badwi settlement alongside the highway.

My son was informed that this is my favourite window frame ....gheeee

The Hijr Ismail under was built semi hemisphere to occupy the shortage of sources during the early years.until today it is remains like when someone is performing tawaf,never enter or touch it as the action will be considered faulty.It was completed in just few days.

Just too nice to be there....
From zero to hero

Our dream settlements afterlife...Baqi'


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