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I never thought I am this motivated to go back to school...maybe the spirit comes from my first ever employer who always encourage me to gain new knowledge,and yes,he supported me during that time to learn account and book keeping...until that I am able to move to a better career.I will never forget his goodself...Only Allah will pay him...

And to update on me myself,I decided to take an evening class here...learning English...there are always new things to learn as UK version of English is a bit different from US version of English...
for example: UK version we pronounce it los,in US version we say it luz (correct me if i am wrong,please).

And I have collected some certificates from the online childcare institute i joined...I really hope that those will help me in my future...


  1. time ni la nak kumpul ilmu di dada nurul..nanti dpt baby satu lg..kan dah payah..hehe..go..go. aku sokong ko dari belakang ok.hehhehe


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