Syllabus Bahasa Melayu Tahun 1: the panic mummy

I am really panic now...worry about my son...will he survive soon...coz from my current observation,he is the one who will only love doing things he expert in /he good in...

I was told that these days,standard 1 kids are considered already good in reading.and they are expected to do what a standard 3/4 during my time I googled it from here to find it out...

B. Melayu - Tahun 1 (SK) - 1

And on my first day struggling with Danish with his letters recognition...he was so upset and say...''No more mummy,it's really hard...''

Owh...I was really not care at all before this news came to me...coz I believe he will one day know it he went school since he was not yet 3.

So should I panic still now???


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