my bad sinus day

the runny nose has not stopped eversince this morning

can't imagine how bad it has become now

i already did my sinus treatment early in the morning

then back home,i myself become my very own doctor when i can't stand the runny nose..
(i inserted few drops of salt water into the nasal----seriously it was hurt at the beginning---googled and found out that the himalayan rock salt might treat the sinus symptom

and (maybe the viruses is fighting back now...)

p/s:now i am considering the allergic pills for tonite---or i'll go on a sleepless nite :s


  1. MumMe..kesiannya. Harap2 esok dah ok, harap2 menjadilah himalayan salt tu untuk ubat sinus.Take care ye..

  2. begitu juga harapan mumme,ummiross...pg2 esok nk tgk danish main bola di stadium sect 15...


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