second pillars of islam

me and my husband was discussing about danish's attitude towards performing solat


we decided to just try our luck

our neighbourhood's surau community is organizing solat camp.
becoz of the sickness , strucked the whole family truly badly last week (still are actually),we kinda miss the registration...
plus the tiresome from johore+legoland trip during the wed,thursday and friday.
so on saturday nuha atended the replacement class plus danish attended the regular weekend activity,AMPAC...

the whole evening we were lepaking and just realised again about the camp...


he already in the group since last nite
and today will be the final day

as a parents,we might already try our best to deliver the best to our children,
we dont want to show/to expose bad attitude in front/to of our kids (even sometimes we are kantoi)
we dont want to behave lazy,we dont want to show lack of hygiene practice in front of them,
everything....we want to give them just the best...

the closing event will be futsal this evening...i really hope that he will enjoy it to the fullest as he already practice some soccer game on his ipad this morning + asthma symptoms appeared pretty bad this morning (meaning that he really serious about it)


  1. Alhamdulillah, peluang yang sangat baik untuk mengisi masa cuti anak2. Moga Danish dan Nuha membesar menjadi anak soleh dan solehah, Amin...

    ps; harap sinus MumMe dah ok..

  2. mumme nya dh ok,danish pula masuk ward ummiross...


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