room 554

that's our room number this time...the other wing of the paed's ward (without the kid's mural on the wall)...

the thing mumme love about the room...a cosy sleep for anyone...

his companion...with the oggy cartoon along in the package :)    
 lucky that no drip required at the moment,so we manage to home leave danish for few hours...
dia pun get really bored we went out for dinner,fetch adik from school,mengeteh di cafe...


  1. MumMe..Danish asthma lagi ke?kesiannya. Wad kat hospital mana ni MumMe, nampak selesa sangat.
    Harap Danish dah ok sekarang..

  2. asthma,ummiross...kpj kajang,mmg dgn dr asmunni dia jer dr baby lagi.alhamdulillah br discharge.


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