a proper way of doing things

...can make them become easy/easier  :)

a buzy table...
was doing maths with Danish...things looked so hard for him...
mumme introduced him to ROUGH PAPER,
after that
things got better...

am planning to search for nice notepads to encourage him using other paper for calculation
so that it will be
easier for him to do the BENTUK LAZIM (i have to use the phrase used in school,then only he can
-------------mumme once had to learn sempua from his standard 1 TEXT BOOK
to help him with the homework ;;;;;;wheeeeeee;;;;;----------


  1. hehe..jadi cikgu ye MumMe..
    Ummi pun dulu, balik dari mengajar, jadi cikgu anak-anak pulak dirumah, cikgu selamanya kita ni kan..

  2. ye la ummiross,cikgu selamanya...bulan depan mumme sambung lagi jd cikgu separuh hari kat SR...tempat yg mumme belajar mandarin tu pun ajak mumme mengajar part time kat situ...tapi kelas kita di masjid besi tetap on...


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