Valeria Levitina


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World s most anorexic woman dreams of motherhoodValeria Levitina is the thinnest woman in the world. At age 39, she weighs only 55lb. Her mother calls her daughter a living corpse, which, of course, sounds harsh, but the woman does look like a mummy. Valeria looks like that because of extreme diet that she started herself. She went on that diet to be more beautiful and attractive to men


  1. Rasa macam tak sanggup nak tengok kan MumMe, kesian pun ada, takut pun ada.
    Anorexia ni, kalau makan pun, dia orang akan muntahkan balik..

  2. itulah ummiross...lps tgk ni mcm terasa...x pe lah kalau pun dh x muat seluar atau pakaian sekarang...beli aje lah saiz yg lebih besar...hik hik


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