Lang Kawi

am planning for the closing of year 2012...
with goals
  • not exceeding the maximum weight for each passenger & at the same time everyone will have enough,suitable,comfortable attire.
  • to  schedule activities for 4 day (need some suggestion:at the moment is thinking about the cable car &area,mahsuri mausoleum,gamat shopping....)
  • to sit back and relax (think too much lately & suffering from neck-pain).

Gunung Raya sounds good as well...hmmmm

hanging in the air....


  1. hav a great vacation..... langkawi superb awesome place. can refer to my entry early november

  2. Waa cuti2 Langkawi, dah lama ummi tak pergi.

    1. mumme last pergi tahun 1997 ummiross...


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