mumme's big helper

after the first experience last year,
i decided to try out stamp pad for both my kids...

(managed to do for Nuha as I was her class teacher last year...hiks)

progress at the moment:
98%---still 2 text books left for wrapping...
0% progress ---batch stitching

lesson:recycling exercise book cover---buy the embossed type wrapper---good value for money---


  1. nostalgia..dulu2 bila sekolah nak buka, inilah juga antara yang ummi buat, wrap buku tulis, wrap buku teks.
    Stamp pad..good idea tu MumMe.

  2. teringat jg mak mumme wrap kan buku tulis dgn kertas minyak...
    kejang tgn menulis full name anak2nyer ummiross... :)


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