another bundle of joy

yes i mean it...bundle...a bundle of 12 kids...

i tried to get rid of the kid's world,
but when suddenly offered a half day job,
i made up my mind,
i must do it again.

insyaAllah as before,
mumme will be educating the senior 5 years' children...the re-enroll kids.

was given some clue or what to expect from the new children... :)

from last year's experience...
4 to 5 years old kids' transition can make us smile/wonder/laugh/finding alternatives etc.
it takes your creativity and innovation for REAL...hiks :)

for example:

---dealing with children who watch too much malay dramas---they tend to copy---
and the teacher will be among the earlier one to discover the copycats''''''''

---becoming the senior at school...familiarize with almost all of the teachers and friends might be fragile too for the kids----less focus should be expected when they prefer to mingle around and make their own circle during class hours----sharp pencil/colours,their hands,ruler will be dangerous equipment sometimes---

---dealing with kids CSI---CCTV in the classroom helps innocent teachers a lot.
----it even safes us!---

alhamdulillah everything went well when you really were on the right side.

p/s:may 2013 be my another sweet memory with the children
6 years kids---2011

5years kids---2012


  1. Dealing with children kena ada lot of patience.

  2. MumMe...

    Kembali ke sekiolah semula ye, semoga enjoy dengan anak2 didik yang tomei2 tu..

    1. thanks ummiross...selepas jam 12 tghr mumme dh boleh main2 dah ummiross...part time ajer..


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