2014 ,Al Khawateer and Japan

another year to come,
another goal been set.

walking along with a set mind,
will make me more focus.

even 2013 is about to leave me
it will leave me
so much
about life.

Thank you Allah.

I am in the middle of preparing my 2014 classes
to be among the good example of muslims,
may Allah allows me and blesses me and makes my dream come true.

I am really looking forward our Japan trip this middle of December.I want to witness Japan with my own eyes.

The excitement doubled after watching the Al Khawateer in Japan series.

I can understand what Ahmad Al Shughairi was trying to say,as everyday I feel the stress being around the situations that he mentioned.(I myself have done some of the errors,sometimes....I want to be a better person,of course)I hope my tiny effort will be supported and the kids will be blooming in the good values and manners....

p/s:done in 2013---mini library project, fear Allah,
and 5 principles in life---which covers listening concept,following instructions, respecting own self,others and belongings,raising up, honesty and safety.


  1. Salam bertemu dan bertamu kembali MumMe..

    MumMe...kelas pengajian dewasa di Masjid Putrajaya dah dibuka. Ummi ada ambik gambar banner kelas2 yg ada, nanti ummi send kat MumMe ye.

    Waa MumMe...bestnya, nak ke Jepun ye. Jepun cantik, orangnya pun tertib, antara negara yang ummi menyimpan impian nak pergi. Nanti share cerita dan gambar banyak2 ye.

    1. Thanks atas ingatan Ummiross...2014 mmg mumme akan free slps 12tghr.Nuha dan Danish sekolah...insyaAllah mumme nk sgt join kelas kalau mengizinkan.

      InsyaAllah Ummiross...doakan kami selamat pergi dan kembali...


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