Our precious gift from Allah is celebrating his 8th birthday this 26th December.
In fact he had celebrated it since November,rite before the school break.
Goodies and Big Apple Donuts for classmates,and even declaring that the visit to Disneyland was for his birthday.
As I had an experience to see how boys change (my 4 brothers)...let Danish be his real self for the time being...coz I might miss the 8th years old Danish in future. (he love to be hugged,cuddled)

Since he had his circumcision last month,I am planning to do the best in guiding him to be a good muslim.

to the o.t room

As per shared by Ustaz Muhammad bin Abdullah (Ustaz Amin)...surah al insaan is good to be practised so that Allah will guide our children to obey and listen to us.

One statement that really make me touched, he told me "Nanti dah besar saya nak tinggal depan rumah mumme..."he mentioned that after I prepared him his favourite dish...spaghetti. :)

Among the book to prepare him as a muslim boy...


Happy Bestday My Son...



  1. Happy birthday Danish, dak hensem dan baik hati :-)
    moga menjadi anak soleh, penyejuka hati mumme & daddy.

  2. ten q ummiross...amiiin.itulah harapan mumme...

  3. Replies
    1. Hai Puan Goges...tq dtg blog mumme...


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