Japan Exploration 3:Housing in Nihon

I kinda disappointed when our famous selected home designer contractor not really interested in doing our innovative plan porch renovation.Since "Living Small and Simple"has become our family principle,we have no heart to move to other community area.Our current home is so peaceful in term of the people around,convenience store and the most important thing it has good schools for our children.Yes I did always peep for some houses with a bigger land compound around but we still doubted...especially as I do not rely on maid/foreigner ...will I manage to take care of a big house alone?...maybe no no..no...

So with a broken heart,I stand up again with a plan to do it myself.Then,I have to look for sources of idea. A visit to foreign country this time is actually for a reason,with a mission.With a camera hanging from my neck and snapping like a paparazzi, I hope my effort will worth it.

Accidentally I have found a solution for our bikes.I just mislooked at the idea before.From a morning programme that I watched at the hotel, I saw how they transform the room at the back of their home into a small garage (which we already had it),keeping their big motorbike---so why not hang the bikes there?

Here are some of Nihon san houses...
Crispy white

Idea of a small garage.


 Gate- free home...will it be suitable in our country?

The gate and fences are simple but nice in my eyes.

Privacy does matter.


  1. Nampak simple, kemas dan menarik kan MumMe...

  2. tu lah Ummiross...walaupun penempatan mereka berselerak dan dekat sangat dengan jalan besar,ttp nampak kemas.

  3. before and after , dan home remodelling chn 728 ....best

  4. huhuhu...mmh LIfe Inspired ni kesukaan mumme tp kena tunggu Astro view free...x subscribe...huhuhuhu


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