Japan Exploration 1:Jetleg struck

Just touched down LCCT this morning.
This trip was the biggest family event for the 4 of us in 2013.
The one we had been waiting for nearly 10months.
We booked at AirAsiaGo the best price we ever thought of.
Travelling Japan (return flight) and staying in Disney Resort Hotel---Hilton Tokyo Bay (for 5 days) with just about RM1500 ++ per person was among the best deal we ever grabbed.
InsyaAllah I will share our experience visiting few attractions...the most economical way... :)

InsyaAllah among the post I am planning to do: Housing in Japan--- Toilet in Japan---Vehicle/Transport/Highway in Japan---and a visit to Disney all time favourite,It's a Small World in video....and maybe among weird and interesting stuff/find in Nippon.

for now do enjoy the most cutest souvenir from Haneda Airport.

Sorry for not rotating the video...I have no idea how to do it...by the way,this popcorn machine really caught my attention...


  1. MumMe..dah balik ye. Bestnya dapat grab harga tu MumMe, sekali penginapan pulak tu.
    Nanti kongsi cerita ye.

  2. Alhamdulillah Ummiross...dah selamat sampai...insyaAllah,nanti mumme kongsikan...


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