Japan Exploration 2:Toilet in Japan

It was an interesting find for me----my 2 children did love to go toilet when we were in Nihon.
I didn't have to ask them to take bath/shoo-shoo/poo poo--they were willing to even shower in the middle of the nite.
And I believe this should be the best way to toilet train children. But considering how costly the price to pay might be the obstacle,hiks...what we can do is just try to make toilet an interesting place to enter (make sure they don't mess up with water etc pls) hikssss.

the most attractive features in the public toilet---techno toilet which can clean,dry up and even sing the nature wave sound to the user.
The one at RnR---on the way back from Fujisan.

The shining floor.

For mummy with baby.

I enjoyed the Shiseido room complimentary row soooo much... shampoo,conditioner (they call it rinse) and the bath soap...they are almost full-filled... :)


  1. Paling best tandas dia orang bersih kan MumMe, tempat kita tak taulah bila boleh sampai tahap macam tu.

  2. Itulah Ummiross...sebenarnya lps mumme post posting toilet ni baru mumme terasa...ntah2 org kata mumme ni pe la x de keja ambik gambar dlm toilet...the thing is,impression toilet di sana x mcm di sini...x de bau pun...


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