Japan Exploration 4:Disneyland after 6pm visit

It was a terrific visit ever. With almost no q-up,everything was so smooth.We almost managed to try every single game Danish and Nuha were wishing for.

For those need an advise,I hope these will help.

The ticket price for after 6pm entrance is 3300 yen=RM100,adults and kids. Compared to full day pass which is 6200yen=RM200 for adults and 4100yen=RM120++for children 4-11y.o.

From the beginning we did plan to enter Disneysea for full day and Disneyland for entrance after 6pm.And Alhamdulillah,mission accomplished.
But to be frank,from our whole family opinion,Disneyland is worth it especially during the winter.You can find a shelter so easily.The q is inside the building itself...for most of the attractions...
We did not manage to make the full use of the whole day pass at Disneysea as the open- air line was sooooo long for the windy winter day.and most of the show presented in Japanese.I slept a few time in fact.

Inside the Minnie House,the interactive oven,dishwasher,kettle and refrigerator.

 the Castle

It's a Small World...

Hope everyone enjoy the video as much as I do......

p/s:I did motivate my children that the life in Jannah is as happy as in Disneyland evenmore...so that they will lead towards the rite path...


  1. MumMe..tengok video ni, teringat Nuha dengan Danish, mesti seronok sangat kan.

  2. hehe...setiap ride diorg cop duduk tepi,ummiross...mmg excited sgt.mumme pun seronot juger...

  3. Seronok pergi Disneyland kan.. :-)

    1. seronot sangat Kak Cheqna... :)

    2. Mujur lah tak dekat, if not adalah yang nanti jadi pemegang pas masuk tegar..haha..

    3. itulah Kak Cheqna...kalau kat mesia...sah-sah dah ada yearly pas... :)


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